Keep the party going all night, using only solar power! Build a successful holiday destination by spending wisely and avoiding power outages! New guests arrive every day, but how many will leave early?

Our first LD submission, it was a lot of fun jamming together and having a great team! We started late and didn’t spend a lot of time initially, but ended up working until 3 am on the last day. The music was recorded on a Casio CT-480 keyboard and GarageBand on iPad.


Keyboard needed

  • 1: Build battery
  • 2: Build solar panel
  • 3: Build hotel
  • Enter/Return: Next day


You can get it on Bandcamp!


Known issues

  • No sounds play in Edge, please use another browser
  • No touch screen support
  • No sound/music in mobile browsers

Install instructions

Desktop version requires Java Runtime Environment to run.

Extract, execute partyisland.jar or run 'java -jar partyisland.jar' in command prompt.


Download 10 MB

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